Newcomers may be interested to know what the Residents’ Society does and how the Estate is run.

In broad terms, the Society maintains the communal amenities of the Estate including the external appearance of the houses. These services are covered by the annual subscriptions you pay. The Society acts through a Committee of Management with a Treasurer, Secretary and seven members elected at the Annual General Meeting, held in the Summer.

Members of the Committee serve the residents in a purely voluntary capacity. The Committee deals with aspects of estate management eg television aerials, lights, gardens and woods and roads, paths and fences. Although the Committee is responsible for the management of the estate, it is, of course, everyone’s responsibility to keep Templemere in good order and look after our amenities.


Committee members and responsibilities

Clare Baxter (35) - Gardens

Arthur Boulter (13) - Roads / Painting / Trees / Windows / uPVC Cleaning / Gutter clearing

Annie Henderson-Begg (21) - Secretary / Newsletter

Jon Mudd (33) - TV / Communications / Lighting

Hazel Neill (9) - Woods

Fionnuala O'Brien (32) - Marketing & Website

Roger Scott (non resident) - Treasurer

Nick Canham (2) (co-opted)

Alex Rayner (6) (co-opted)

Additional help

Annette Door (29) - Events

Michael Spinks (47) - Website


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